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How should I prepare for Surgery?

Start now. Take care of yourself. Preparing for hip replacement begins a few weeks before the actual surgery. The checklist below outlines some common tasks that Dr. Chandrasekaran may ask you to complete in the weeks prior to your surgery date. Check with Dr. Chandrasekaran to discuss your specific pre-surgery instructions.

weeks ahead surgery

In the weeks ahead

  • Exercise under your physical therapist’s supervision.
  • Get a physical.
  • Get a dental checkup.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Lose weight if you’re overweight.
closer to surgery

Closer to the surgery

  • Arrange a pre-surgery visit with Dr. Chandrasekaran’s preoperative physician.
  • Get lab tests that Dr. Chandrasekaran orders.
  • Complete health forms.
  • Prepare and freeze some meals to make it easier when you get home.
  • Choose and talk to a physical therapist to learn some important activities for after surgery.
  • Decide whether you’ll go to a rehab or home after surgery.
  • Talk to Dr. Chandrasekaran’s team about if or when to stop your routine medications.
night before

The night before

  • Fast – nothing to eat or drink.
  • Bathe the surgical area with the antiseptic solution provided to you.

Talk To Dr. Chandrasekaran

Talk with Dr. Chandrasekaran about the different approaches to decrease your hip pain.

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