Welcome to the

Melbourne Orthopaedic and Trauma Institute (MOATI)


The institute aims to provide state of the art technology

and individualised patient centred management to alleviate pain and improve function of patients suffering from 

hip and knee pain. This includes latest and advanced rehabilitation techniques for hip and knee replacement surgery and hip and knee arthroscopy.



Fracture Treatment

  • Casting/Bracing

  • Hand/Physiotherapy

  • Urgent surgery if required

Hip and Knee Arthritis

  • Home base exercise program

  • Bracing

  • Joint injections

    • Ultrasound guided

    • PRP/Gel/Cortisone

  • Hip and Knee replacement

    • Robotic Surgery

    • Anterior Hip replacement

    • Rapid recovery surgery

Sport injuries

  • Physiotherapy/Bracing

  • Hip/Knee arthroscopy

  • Joint preservation surgery



Patient Centred

  • Education

  • Multi-disciplinary non-operative treatment

  • Expert operative treatment



TAC/Workcover/DVA Assessments


Uninsured Patients

  • Expert assessment

  • Inclusive quotes provided

  • Timely referral to public system




Urgent Referrals

  • Assessment within 24 hours

  • Call: 0411274000/03 85951800  24h/7days

Dr Chandrasekaran, specialist Melbourne Orthopaedic Surgeon, explains applications of robotic hip and knee joint replacement in an article

in the AGE newspaper in

March 2018.

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