Rapid Recovery Joint

Replacement Programme

Dr. Siva Chandrasekaran was trained in outpatient joint replacement procedures during his fellowship at the American Hip Institute in Chicago.  This centred on a rapid recovery joint replacement programme that allow patients to mobilise and return home on the same day as their surgery.

The benefits of the rapid recovery joint

replacement programme include:

  1. Reduced pain after surgery

  2. Reduced sedation, nausea and vomiting

  3. Reduced muscle weakness

  4. Patients walking within 4 hours after the procedure

  5. Reduced incidence of thrombosis and infection

  6. Early hospital discharge

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The programme involves three main steps:

Step 1: Education and prehabilitation

  • Usually 2-4 weeks before the procedure you may visit the surgical facility to become with familiar with the staff, equipment and discharge procedures.

  • You may be introduced to Dr. Chandrasekaran’s support staff (physiotherapist, occupational therapist and nursing staff) who help in defining rehabilitation goals, explain the muscle conditioning programme and ensure your home is setup to best facilitate your recovery.

Step 2: Perioperative pain management

  • Dr. Chandrasekaran and his team of anesthetists have a tailored programme to reduce pain, sedation, nausea and muscle weakness.  This involves

    • Premedication to reduce anxiety, psychological trauma of surgery and reduce the sensitivity of pain receptors

    • Minimal soft tissue trauma approach

      • Dr. Chandrasekaran utilises  internervous approaches to minimize trauma of muscle and soft tissue (This includes the anterior approach to the hip)

    • Local infiltration analgesia

      • Dr. Chandrasekaran infiltrates the soft tissues with combination of local anaesthetics and anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the sensitivity of pain receptors to surgery.  Combined with a minimal soft tissue trauma approach, this helps lead to early muscle recovery and mobility.

Step 3: Graduated rehabilitation programme

  • Dr. Chandrasekaran, in close association with your physiotherapy, has a graduated rehabilitation programme that focuses on pain management and restoring early range of motion and function.  We go through the goals of the programme during the prehabilitation phase so that you are familiar with the steps of the programme.

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