Dr. Chandrasekaran may use cortisone injections to help reduce inflammation in or around tendons and joints of the hip and knee .

What Is A Cortisone Injection?

The medication that is injected is usually a local anaesthetic such as Lignocaine or Marcain in combination with a synthetic form of cortisone (Celestone around tendons or Methylprednisolone into joints).

There are two reasons for this combination;

1. Pain relief from the injection itself. Lignocaine lasts for about 1 hour and Marcain lasts for about 4 - 5 hours after the injection. 

2. As a Test . If the discomfort is completely relieved by the Lignocaine or Marcain, this suggests that the injection has been placed in the correct location. 

The cortisone is mixed with a special carrier , so that it stays in the place where it was injected. Therefore, injections in one part of your body do not "count" when deciding whether or not to have an injection in another part of the body. Because the carrier restricts the cortisone to the area of the injection, usually there are no general effects to the body from the cortisone such as would be expected if cortisone was taken by mouth. There is a small risk of local side effects such as transient pain, inflammation and infection.  The pain relief from the injection may be variable

In general only 1-3 injections are used in a given area, especially around tendons. If a joint injection provides prolonged relief (e.g. 6 months) then it may be reasonable to repeat these injections on a few occasions.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With A Cortisone Injection?

  • Arthritis (Hips, Knees)

  • Bursitis (Hips, Knees)

What Is The Cost Of A Cortisone Injection?

The cost of the procedure involves the cost of a consultation and the cost the medication which is usually less than $20.  Dr. Chandrasekaran uses an ultrasound machine for more precise localisation of the injection.  The use of imaging is bulk billed.

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